Banking And Finance Solutions Guided By Decades Of Experience

    • Comprehensive risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities
    • Single-source solution with an array of integrated fire, security, life safety and communication systems
    • Internal and external video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording; remote viewing and management
    • Electronic and biometric access control; keyless entry systems
    • Video analytics for security and business intelligence
    • Silent alarm systems, panic and holdup devices
    • Networked solutions to enable control from a single location

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Branch Banking

Secured Daily Financial Transactions in the various branch banks and financial Institutions.
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Enterprise Banking

You can better protect your enterprise from internal and external threats while improving your business intelligence.
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ATM Banking

Reducing operating costs and increasing protection.
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Why Tyco

    • Tyco advances safety and security in the banking and financial communities by finding smarter ways to protect investments, critical data and enterprise-wide business operations.
    • Tyco’s trained professionals understand that an unscheduled halt to a banking or finance infrastructure caused by a security breach or fire alarm could have significant negative effects on customer relations and the bottom line. To prevent loss of lives and/or resources, we are focused on improving security, reducing risk from robberies, improving risk assessment and increasing safety for employees, customers and facilities.
    • With over 1,000 Tyco locations around the world, banking and financial institutions rely on us as their single-source partner for fire protection, life safety and security solutions. Our global reach and local presence allow us to see changes and challenges across the banking sector and deliver the insight and service to support our customers’ particular needs.
    • By integrating risk management principles, fire and life safety technology, and security management, we provide comprehensive, customized solutions that go beyond traditional security and life safety.
    • We are passionately committed to helping our banking and finance customers protect what matters most: their employees, customers, investments and business operations.