Safer, Smarter Solutions For Schools And Campuses

    • A single-source solution across all fire protection, security, life safety, and communications needs
    • Internal and external video surveillance for buildings, parking lots and perimeters with 24/7 monitoring and recording
    • Integrated intercom/public address systems with advanced notification technology
    • Fire safety solutions to help mitigate and manage natural or man-made disasters
    • Visitor management using the latest access control technology to limit who has access to your campus and your students
    • Intrusion detection solutions to protect buildings and facilities
    • Web-based, instant alert notification for broadcasting via phone, fax and email
    • Advanced detection and alarm solutions to safeguard employees and students
    • Comprehensive solutions scaled to meet any budget and any size challenge
    • Expert service to keep you up and running with testing and inspection, preventive maintenance, and emergency service

How We Can Help

Kindergarten to HSC

Learn how we can help you proactively address your safety and security threats with multi-tiered, multi-technology approaches scaled to your needs and budget.
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College and Universities

Benefit from our specialized higher education experience to manage the safety and security complexities of your multi-faceted environment.
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Why Tyco

    • We are a global player with strong regional presence and support full compliance with local up-to-date legislation and full territory coverage.
    • Improve safety for your students, faculty and staff.
    • Increase public confidence.
    • Enhance communication with police and fire departments.
    • Reduce expenditures on security incidents or disturbances.
    • Deter vandalism, trespassing and graffiti.
    • Integrated solutions for intelligent management and deployment of resources.