Creating Comprehensive Protection

    • Intrusion detection to fight theft whether open or closed
    • Physical and electronic access control to easily manage access to sensitive areas
    • Video analytics for insights into service and maximizing profitability
    • Next-generation life safety platforms for added power, internet connectivity and remote service capabilities
    • Suppression systems, including wet sprinkler, dry sprinkler, foam, clean agent systems, and portable extinguishers
    • Video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
    • Notification systems that provide you and emergency responders with fast, accurate information in an emergency
    • Remote diagnostics for quicker response times, faster panel recovery and avoidance of nuisance alarms
    • Intelligent dispatch for faster resolution, increased up-time and higher first-time fix rate
    • Customized solutions to fit your needs, schedule and budget

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Electronic Inspection Reporting

Conducting timely inspections of your life-safety systems is vital to any comprehensive life-safety strategy.
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Why Tyco

    • The Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Solutions hotel and hospitality protection package is unique. It helps to provide hospitality facilities around the world with unparalleled levels of service 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
    • Tyco’s secret of success can be attributed to the ability to ensure that hotel and hospitality fire and safety systems are “trouble free” and do not impact on the wellbeing of the guests or their perception of enjoying a memorable time.
    • Whether you run a small fast food chain, a nightclub, a stand-alone hotel or an international hotel chain, Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Solutions can provide you with a vital solution to meet your specific needs from a simple “stand-alone” system through to a fully integrated Building Management System (BMS) all from a single source supply.
    • Tyco’s Hotel and Hospitality project management teams are highly trained in hazard analysis techniques to make quite sure the correct method of containment and extinguishment is selected: this allows us to solve your problem in the most efficient way on budget, on time, every time.