End-to-end Solutions To Enhance Industrial Operations

    • Industrial risk assessment specialists
    • Single-source provider for both installation and service across all fire protection, security, and life safety needs, reducing demands on your staff
    • Complete project management services
    • Intrusion detection and burglar alarms for protection of industrial facilities
    • Internal and external video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring and recording
    • Electronic and biometric access control systems to restrict sensitive areas in any industrial security environment
    • Industrial security cameras and video surveillance solutions including remote video surveillance and management
    • Fire and life safety solutions to protect employees, customers and inventory
    • Sophisticated systems for sites where chemicals, flammables, processes or equipment require specialized fire protection and suppression solutions
    • Networked solutions for control from a single location
    • Expert testing and inspection, preventive maintenance, and 24/7 emergency services

How We Can Help

Chemical & Petrochemical

Manage risk and optimize protection for your most critical assets with networked and integrated fire protection, security, life safety, and communication systems.
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Protect the manufacturing business you worked so hard to build. We can provide customized fire, security and life safety solutions, and the maintenance and service to keep them at peak performance.
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We can help you assess internal and external threats to your operations and develop tailored, end-to-end solutions that can improve safety and security and help protect your employees.
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Transportation & Logistics

Our sophisticated fire, security, and life safety solutions protect your assets, people, facilities and cargo while also helping you keep track of your mobile assets in real time.
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Why Tyco

    • Safe and secure facilities are vital to running a successful and profitable business and we’re passionately committed to helping you achieve your goals in order to maintain and improve productivity. Safety for your employees and assets along with risk mitigation and operational excellence is achieved through system reliability and stability, integration of multiple fire and security systems and reduced down time and production losses.

Why We Can Help You

Special Hazards Protection
Special Hazards Protection

Special Hazards pose a high risk to your high-value operations. Tyco Integrated Fire & Security can help you take control of that risk.

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