Automate insights and drive retail performance. Changing shopper habits and expectations are presenting retailers with new challenges as they look for ways to create an engaging customer experience while improving store performance. Our solutions reach across a broad array of mission-critical retail operations to transform your shoppers into buyers, and to have the right product av for sales within an innovative omni-channel framework available. We use technology to capture, interpret and report on key data from facilities, shipments, inventory and shoppers. Accessing this data delivers actionable intelligence through our suite of solutions: Loss Prevention , Inventory Intelligence, Traffic Intelligence, and Store Performance.

Value-added features and services


The science of shopper conversion

Gain deeper understanding about shopper behaviour to analyse the impact of promotions and in-store advertising on both traffic and conversion. This allows you to increase your conversion rates, optimise store layouts, product placement and marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. Understanding what turns browsers into buyers helps you make better business decisions to improve the shopper experience and drive incremental sales by optimising the use of your resources.

Our solutions can help you:

  • Increase shopper conversion
  • Optimise queue management
  • Track customer dwell times
  • Improve your staff planning
  • Ensure promotional compliance


Enabling effective decision making
You can drive Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) compliance and maximise your investment in existing EAS systems thanks to Tyco’s EAS Intelligence solution. Its ability to capture and consolidate data from multiple EAS hardware devices and report on this data across your enterprise enables effective decision making.

Benefits include:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Full functional availability
  • Optimised training and enhanced overall store performance
  • An improved shopping experience.

Read more about our EAS solutions here.


99.8% inventory accuracy

Innovative and highly scalable multi-sensor technologies allow you to capture, interpret and respond to key information about your inventory, delivering this critical intelligence to store associates and corporate decision makers. Profitability never looked so promising.


Recognise. Analyse. Optimise.
The secret to successfully integrating all sales channels within a comprehensive omni-channel retailing strategy is clear: visibility. Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Store Performance Solutions collect real-time, actionable information about your inventory, shipments, shoppers and your store. Armed with powerful data, you can recognise, analyse and optimise operations quickly and efficiently to satisfy your shoppers’ needs while maximising your profits. With Store Performance Solutions, you can see what matters most in your store.