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Our Monitoring Centres > offer fast alarm response to burglar alarms, fire alarms and other critical conditions such as carbon monoxide, freezing temperature or flooding.

Staffed by trained professionals, using state-of the-art monitoring technology, our monitoring support is available around-the-clock.


Maintaining your fire and security systems is vital to keeping your business protected and managing your risk. Ongoing maintenance for your systems may also be a requirement of your insurer. Our support plans can be tailored to your specific needs, and include routine maintenance checks, software upgrades and callout services.

In addition, our Customer Service department helps resolve issues relating to:

  • System upgrades
  • Technical assistance and service
  • Billing issues
  • Alarm history
  • Any other account queries


Monitor your business from anywhere. Use a smartphone, tablet or PC to remotely manage, arm and disarm your business security system. Save time and maximise access to business events by receiving text message notifications with alerts and open/close reports.

Add Safer, Smarter Solutions For Your Business

    • Help reduce the costs associated with employee turnover
    • Help control who has access to your business and when, and reduce the costs of rekeying with digital access control for business
    • Help provide a feeling of safety and security to employees by locking out terminated employees and documenting any workplace violence incidents
    • Use effective access control and video monitoring to protect the data that keeps your business up and running
    • Manage the security of your business remotely from any web-enabled device 

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Our monitoring solutions coupled with our highly trained monitoring staff can help enhance your overall security.
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Why Tyco

    • From Fire Protection and Intruder Detection to Access Control systems and Video Surveillance, we ensure that you receive the solution best suited to your requirements with a single point of contact
    • Fast alarm response: our Monitoring Centres operate 24/7 to ensure maximum protection for your business in the event of an emergency
    • Full coverage support plans: reducing the burden of technology purchases, upgrades and maintenance so you can focus on your business
    • Affordable solutions: we review your requirements to develop a bespoke security system and advise on the latest regulations and solutions to secure staff, visitors and assets or reduce the risk of fire
    • Local presence: local consultants specialise in securing businesses in your area by providing additional local knowledge when assessing your needs