Reduce theft and shrinkage.  Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are designed to help retailers boost sales and protect profits by increasing open merchandising opportunities. With aesthetics to match any décor and innovative  Sensormatic®  Ultra•Max Acousto-Magnetic technology  behind many of our solutions, retailers experience virtually no false alarms. We also offer a wide variety of options within our Sensormatic®  product portfolio, evolved from years of technology innovation and development  to provide seamless coverage of store perimeters, exits and goods.

Our EAS Intelligence (Electronic Article Surveillance) solutions help store owners and businesses optimize retail store performance. Our intelligent EAS systems offer directional alarming to reduce nuisance alarms for discreet retail security, along with integrated alarm reports and monitoring. With advanced retail intelligence, these solutions go beyond retail floor security to provide value-added traffic visibility, identify employee training issues and continuously monitor the health of your anti-theft systems throughout your retail operations.

The Industry's Leading EAS Intelligence Solutions

    • The best EAS protection against retail shoplifting and theft to better control and eliminate shrinkage
    • Value-added traffic visibility solutions for better retail intelligence
    • Directional alarming to reduce nuisance alarms
    • On-demand Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) saves energy when no shoppers are present
    • Integrated alarm reporting and monitoring for better retail security management
    • Continuously monitors system health and performance to enhance retail loss prevention efforts
    • An intelligent part of an effective, chain-wide EAS program
    • Ideal for high-volume retail stores with heavy traffic counts
    • One of many integrated retail security solutions

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Our loss prevention specialists utilize leading solutions, systems and strategies to help retailers and businesses reduce their losses from shrinkage, as well as employee and customer theft. 
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