For large-scale integration, there’s no substitute for experience.  Through advanced integration, we help companies address today’s most complex fire & security challenges. Our solutions focus on the integration and configuration of end-to-end technologies to provide a "whole solutions approach" to your systems. The solutions developed by our Integration teams help add value to your operations, enhancing organizational intelligence, reducing costs, and leading to a higher return on investment. These intelligent systems provide easier management functionality for your business security systems, enhanced reporting capabilities, better business intelligence for data collecting and mining, as well as options for customizing your systems and protocols.

Benefits Of Advanced Integration

    • Provides a streamlined interface to manage all of your systems
    • Offers access to various sources of business data that can be managed and mined to enhance your organization's business intelligence
    • Increases the effectiveness of your security policies and procedures, improves your cost performance, and dramatically enhances the way information is used throughout your organization
    • Easier system management and greater customization and integration of all of your systems

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