Addressable technology revolutionized fire detection. Tyco Integrated Fire & Security has brought the same approach to notification. We’ve reinvented notification - improving every aspect of notification from design and installation, to maintenance, testing and expansion.  The intelligent, fully-addressable notification appliances we offer means better protection, more value and lower costs for engineers, installing contractors and building owners. With electronic supervision of the notification system and revolutionary self-testing capability, we’re ready to help ensure your appliances work when needed and virtually eliminate tedious, after-hours manual testing.

For your every need, we can provide reliable, cost-effective notification appliances that can help you to protect your people, property and business operations. Our notification solutions employ a holistic approach that uses multiple mediums to communicate during a fire or life-safety event. Whether you're looking for visual messaging via texts, conventional appliances such as horns, multi-candela strobes, horn/strobes, speakers and speaker/strobes, or the first addressable notification tools in the industry, we can help you find the best solutions to advance your safety and security.

Benefits Of Notification

    • Global addressability - intelligent communications between initiating devices, notification appliances and the control panel
    • Fewer wires, more appliances per circuit, fewer installation errors
    • Appliances tested during installation for cost-efficient, on-the-spot problem resolution
    • Enhanced survivability - device-level ground faults identified and isolated automatically, resolvable in minutes
    • Unobtrusive, individual unit testing during regular hours while building is occupied
    • Fast testing, diagnostics and maintenance that lowers long-term cost of ownership
    • Notification appliance circuits synchronized to meet standard requirements

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