A leader in inventory intelligence. Innovative and highly scalable multi-sensor technologies allow you to capture, interpret and respond to key information about your inventory, delivering this critical intelligence to store associates and corporate decision makers. Profitability never looked so promising. We help retailers achieve item-level visibility of their entire inventory from beginning to end. Our inventory intelligence systems help reduce retail inventory loss and allow retailers to move inventory to locations where demand is greatest. Our inventory intelligence professionals offer a full range of retail loss prevention solutions.

Industry-leading Solutions In Inventory Intelligence

    • Intelligent inventory and management solutions
    • RFID tagging
    • EAS tagging
    • Item-level visibility
    • Enhanced inventory and business intelligence
    • Flexible inventory reports
    • Strong deterrent to theft and shrinkage

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Retail Security Solutions

Our loss prevention specialists utilize leading solutions, systems and strategies to help retailers and businesses reduce their losses from shrinkage, as well as employee and customer theft. 
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