Use the power of the Internet for greater access control. Hosted Access Control utilizes the power of the internet to give you more control over who enters your facilities. It is the first access control solution to employ a choice of secure Wireless Wide-Area Networking (WWAN), using internet-ready panels to connect single, multiple and remote facilities or entry points, with no specially designated PCs or networking required. You can also receive real-time access to valuable event information when you need it, through the convenience of your web browser.

The Hosted Access control system is a managed and hosted service that links multiple employees, points of entry and locations to a centralized hosting and monitoring centre. Installation is simplified, because the system does not require a dedicated PC or operating system at any of your locations. Instead, Hosted Access Control uses a secure internet or two-way radio transmission to communicate between each location and the host server, making software updates and IT maintenance a thing of the past. 

The Benefits Of Hosted Access Control

    • Multiple facilities can be networked on the spot using WWAN technology
    • All doors can be managed from one central location, even if you have hundreds of remote facilities
    • Hosted Access Control can offer notification of access events for critical information flow
    • Flexible hardware configurations designed to work the way you work, and expand as your business grows, using individual door controllers or panels that can accommodate up to 30 doors each
    • Secure access through any web browser. To get started, just enter your administrator ID and credentials
    • Real-time reaction capability means access permissions for any cardholder can be granted or removed immediately online
    • Manage all users with ease; all the user administration functions you need are in your online account
    • Point and click to apply user-defined templates for group access control rights on any day, at any time - you decide
    • Access history by user, facility or even individual entry point
    • All locations - even remote - can be managed online, in real time
    • Receive customized e-mail notifications of defined access or events

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